Yeh we love Gymbaroo. Thank you. I am converted plus the great thing is it is awesome one on one time that we get together to play undisturbed and I truly appreciate it because I am so busy with work its an awesome break. 

Danielle, Mum of Ryder - 2019

Christopher and I have been coming to GymbaROO for nearly a year now, and we love it. It is a favourite fixture in our week, and has taught us both so much.
Christopher loves climbing and our time at GymbaROO has taught him how to climb safely, and taught me how to help him learn without being a helicopter parent.
When we first started coming Christopher wasn’t able to sit on the mat for any length of time, one of the other parents used to joke with me about our 'independent minded' little people.
A few months later Christopher happily sits on the mat, participates in the treasure bag and loves all the different parts of classes.
It has taught us both so much. I really value the parent tips and input on child development- it is so helpful to have practical ideas and know that you are not just playing, you are helping your child learn and grow.
I tell all my parent friends they should just give it a go!
Thank you!

Susan, Mum of Christopher - 2019

Gymbaroo has been such a massive part of the first two years of our lives. A very big reason why Otis is so ridiculously coordinated, confident and just generally a joy to have as our little/big man. Remember when we first arrived? He had a flat head and wasn't moving anywhere... how far we've come. You are making a real difference in people's lives and in the childhood of a great many adults to come.

Danielle, Mum of Otis

"I will miss Daisy and my sessions with you so much next year. We have learned, laughed, climbed, bounced, clapped, sung and danced our way at Gymbaroo since Daisy was barely able to crawl. I feel so blessed to have had this time with her and to know how much she has benefitted from all the specially targeted activities you provide in such a happy and caring atmosphere. The little ones can’t help but learn and develop great skills as they grow." 

Elizabeth McMurray, Grandma of Daisy


"We’ve been going to Gymbaroo in Glebe for nearly 7 years – from when my eldest was a baby right through to my youngest now ready to start school – and it has been brilliant at every stage. In those early baby days, it gave me much-needed contact and support from other mums, and it taught me so many ideas for how to play with my baby. In the toddler years, it taught me how to give him more freedom in the playground, how I could safely let him climb and explore for himself, and it always tired him out nicely for a good lunchtime sleep! In the pre-school years, I’ve seen my little boy start to learn reading skills, enjoy the social side of sharing his news with the group, and proudly master hopping, skipping and monkey bars. At Glebe Gymbaroo, Bernie’s energy and enthusiasm make it all so much fun and she has an amazing connection with the children. Gymbaroo has been a highlight of our week at every stage, for Mum and child alike, and I thoroughly recommend it". 

Kate Rutledge, Mum of Toby


"I cannot tell you how much we are loving Babyroo! It is by far our favourite weekly activity. We have recommended it to every family we know!! Thanks for a great first few weeks."

Sarah Jane Mum of Katya


"My daughter, Annie has attended Glebe Gymbaroo for two years. We have found the program to be a perfect blend of challenge, development  and fun for Annie. She really enjoyed the climbing structures which Bernie changed around every few weeks, to ensure constant development. At Gymbaroo she learnt how to climb ladders, swing on the monkey bars, do star jumps on the trampoline and walk a narrow plank 'tight rope' style. For an active little kid who lives in a terrace with a small backyard, Gymbaroo has provided the ultimate playground. I also noticed the development in her language skills. For example, when she started in the 1.5- 2.5 year old class, she could identify her legs, feet etc. Once she progressed to the  2 - 3 year old class though, she started referring to thighs, hips, heels etc.  And it's not just the kids who have fun - the grownups do too! Both my husband and I have taken Annie to the classes and we have enjoyed watching her and participating in the classes too."" 

Jenny Pryor, Mum of Annie


"I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for such a fantastic program which has allowed Leonardo to make lots of progresses last year. We have been very pleased and I am always happy to recommend Gymbaroo to other mothers."


"We had a great time in class on Tuesday and are looking forward to this coming for the term. There were some great skills I learned that I would never have had I not come."

Rhianna, Mum of Hugh

"I really love gymbaroo, we are going into our 3rd year and we use the visual books at home and all the songs and developmental activities.This morning in fact I had my hubby doing the "two feet, one feet, touch the ground and roll over" routine with Rémy.

Out of all the toddler activities I have done, your classes have been the most valuable to both Rémy and myself. I learn so much from your knowledge and wisdom and just helpful advice especially in the toddler years :)

Your energy and enthusiasm and love for the kids is remarkable and really appreciated. So just wanted to say thanks!" 

Tanya, Mum of Remy

"Thank you for our time at gymbaroo, we have truly valued it and I can see the positive impact it has had on madison. I have also loved the invaluable tips and advice it has armed me with to make sure I am doing the best I can with our little cheeky bundle of fun. Not to mention the friends and fun we have had along the way. Thank you."

Kathryn, Mum of Madison

James has loved Gymbaroo ever since he joined as a baby and it is the only activity he has consistently and happily attended during these years. Alison and I have shifted our work arrangements on a monthly basis to make sure he could attend.

Alison and I (and also his pre-school teachers) have noticed advanced development in his recreational and co-ordination skills and we owe a lot of it to you, Angela and those involved in the Gymbaroo program.

Gary and Alison, parents of James

"Bernie, Angela and Denise have been incredible, the sessions are a wonderful way to build confidence as a new mum and for the babies to explore a wonderful world! My daughter is quite challenging and their flexibility and care towards her have been phenomenal. Thank you."

Emma Britton

"My little man really loves each class & have definitely noticed a difference in his development each week. Such a lovely team at Gymbaroo Glebe!"

Chelsea Buchanan

"Don't know who enjoys the classes at Gymbaroo/Kindyroo more, my son or myself! The instructors are so knowledgeable and the classes so informative with appropriate information for the development of babies and small children I would highly recommend anyone take their child to these classes. They are so much fun whilst learning. Love it!" :) 

Julia Davies


My little boy and I have been attending Gymbaroo at Glebe for over 5 years. We have loved the program and loved all of our teachers. It has been incredibly rewarding watching my little boy grow, gain confidence as he faces new challenges and most importantly try new things. We loved the various activities ; mat time, equipment time, singing, dancing and making new friends. Highly recommend Gymbaroo Glebe to all families.

Veronica MacDonald

Bernie and the team are incredible. The program's integration of physical strength and development and the team's genuine interest and care for kids is a winning combination. My little boy has loved going and 'grown' under their thoughtful and effective program. Thank you for all your work and for teaching me along the way too!

Kate Feeney

"Bernie and the team at Gymbaroo Glebe are absolutely wonderful. Our son has been going since he was 6 months old and it is favourite part of the week. I can't rave about the staff enough, or the wonderful benefits we've seen in our boy"

Sarajoy Ly

"Excellent children development activities, my child has been going since 8 months and I see vast development on him each stage and he is very confident and has great motor skills. Also, the staff are fantastic!"

Kim Tan

"My daughter loves Gymbaroo. She's been attending for the last 18 months and gets so much out of it. Bernie and Angela are lovely!"

Ruth Lee

What an amazing learning environment; promoting social skills and helping the intelligence while simultaneously boosting confidence. Our little one loves gymbaroo and to be honest so do we!

Yejide Fakuade

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Each class is facilitated by TWO professionals